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Green Line Kolkata Metro Timings and Station


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Green Line Kolkata Metro

Blue Line Kolkata Metro

The Green Line or Line 2 is the second metro corridor to connect Kolkata with Howrah through an underwater metro line below the Hooghly River. As per  original plan, the Green line length was projected to be 14.67 km (9.12 mi), with 8.9 km (5.5 mi) underground and 5.77 km (3.59 mi) elevated. After a major route extension in 2013 the length increased to 16.55 km (10.28 mi), with 5.77 km (3.59 mi) being elevated and 10.81 km (6.72 mi) underground. The Blue line intersection planned at Central was realigned to Esplanade (where the Blue line meets the Purple line).

Construction of the Green Line began in 2009 and after 11 years of construction, the line from Salt Lake Sector V to Salt Lake Stadium was inaugurated on 13 February 2020 by Minister of Railways Piyush Goyal. Services to Phoolbagan metro station, the first underground station of the line, were extended on 4 October 2020, adding 1.66 km (1.03 mi) to the existing line.

Blue Line Kolkata Metro Stations List

  • 1. Salt Lake Sector V
  • 2. Karunamoyee
  • 3. Central Park
  • 4. City Centre
  • 5. Bengal Chemical
  • 6. Shyambazar
  • 7. Salt Lake Stadium
  • 8. Phoolbagan
  • 9. Sealdah
  • Green Line Kolkata Metro Quick Info

    Green Line Kolkata Metro Quick Info

    Green Line Kolkata Metro Route Map

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    Salt Lake Sector V

    Gate No.Opening Towards
    Gate 1Salt Lake Sector V, Kolkata, East Bengal 700090, India

    Sealdah Metro Station Gates

    Gate No. Opening Towards
    Gate 1Sealdah, West Bengal Kolkata, 700094, India

    Blue Line Kolkata Metro Fare

    ZoneDistanceMonday to Saturday
    I0 to 2 KmRs 5
    II2 to 5 KmRs 10
    III5 to 10 KmRs 15
    IV11 to 20 KmRs 20
    V21 to 30 KmRs 25

    Green Line Kolkata Metro Stations with Interchange


    Q.   Which facilities are available at the Green Line Kolkata Metro stations?

    A.  Green Line Kolkata Metro stations are equipped with various facilities to ensure a comfortable and safe journey such as elevators, escalators, ramps, and CCTV cameras for security. The stations also have vending machines for purchasing smart cards and recharge coupons.

    Q. What is the total travel time for the Green Line Kolkata Metro?

    A. The travel time on the Green Line Kolkata Metro is approximately 35 minutes, it also depends on the time of day and the number of passengers using the metro.

    Q. What are the safety measures in place on the Green Line Kolkata Metro?

    A. Green Line Kolkata Metro has various safety measures in place to ensure the safety of its passengers such as emergency stop buttons, fire extinguishers, and emergency intercoms. The stations have fire-fighting equipment and emergency exits.

    Q. How often do the trains run on the Green Line Kolkata Metro?

    A.  The running frequency of Green Line Kolkata Metro trains is approximately 5-10 minutes during peak hours and 10-15 minutes during off-peak hours, but it also may vary and depends on the time of day and other factors.

    Q. Is there a dedicated seating area for women on the Green Line Kolkata Metro?

    A. Yes, there is a dedicated seating area for women on the Green Line Kolkata Metro which is also marked with signs and is located at the front of the train.