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The Kolkata Metro is a rapid transit system serving the city of Kolkata in West Bengal, India. It is the oldest underground metro system in India and the first to be operational in the country. The Kolkata Metro started its operation on 24 October 1984, with the first commercial service on the 22.49 km stretch between Esplanade and Bhowanipore (now the Netaji Bhawan station) in Kolkata.

Brief History

Metro Railway, Kolkata and Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation are the owners and operator of the system. Trains, which comprise either 4 or 8 coaches, have a mix of underground, at-grade and elevated. The maximum speed of the trains is 80 km/h, while the frequency varies from 5 to 20 minutes, trains operate between 06:55 and 22:30 IST and the fares range from ₹5 to ₹25. There are around 300 daily train trips carrying more than 700,000 passengers.

Kolkata Metro Lines

It has three operational lines with 40 stations and is spread over a total distance of 46.96 km (29.18 mi). The details of different lines are as under:

Blue Line Kolkata Metro

It is the first underground stretch opened in 1984 from Bhawanipore (now Netaji Bhawan) to Esplanade. Blue Line (Line-1) has a total distance of of 31.36 km (19.49 mi) from Dakshineswar to Kavi Subhash,

Green Line Kolkata Metro

It is a truncated section of Green Line or the East–West Corridor opened in 2020 from Salt Lake Sector V to Phoolbagan. Green Line (Line-2) has a total distance of 9.1 km (5.7 mi) from Salt Lake Sector V to Sealdah

Purple Line Kolkata Metro

It is in the Joka-Esplanade Corridor (currently truncated in Taratala) opened in 2022. Purple Line (Line-3) has a total distance of 6.5 km (4.0 mi) from Joka to Taratala

Kolkata Metro Quick Info

Metro LineKolkata Metro LineDistance in KmNo. of Stations
Line -1Nopara - Barangar - Dakshineshwar (extension)4.1393
Line -2Howrah Maidan to Salt Lake Sector V14.6712
Line -3BBD Bagh to Joka16.7213
Line -4Noapara - Barasat17.0259
Line -5Baranagar - Barrackpore12.411
Line -6Line 6: New Garia - NSCB Airport3224
Kavi Subhash (New Garia) - Biman Bandar29.123
Esplanade - Joka Bird Bagh15.07514
Howrah - Salt Lake (East-West Corridor)14.6717

Kolkata Metro Stations

Station NameLineOpenedLayoutPlatform Type
Kavi SubhashBlue Line7 October 2010At gradeSide
ThakurpukurPurple Line30 December 2022ElevatedSide
TaratalaPurple Line30 December 2022ElevatedSide
ShyambazarBlue Line15 February 1995UndergroundIsland
Shobhabazar SutanutiBlue Line15 February 1995UndergroundIsland
Shahid KhudiramBlue Line7 October 2010ElevatedSide
SealdahGreen Line11 July 2022Underground1 Island and 2 Side
Salt Lake StadiumGreen Line13 February 2020ElevatedSide
Salt Lake Sector-VGreen Line13 February 2020ElevatedSide
SakherbazarPurple Line30 December 2022ElevatedSide
Rabindra SarobarBlue Line29 April 1986UndergroundIsland
Rabindra SadanBlue Line24 October 1984UndergroundIsland
PhoolbaganGreen Line4 October 2020UndergroundIsland
Park StreetBlue Line24 October 1984UndergroundSide
NoaparaBlue Line10 July 2013Elevated2 Side and 1 Island
Netaji BhavanBlue Line24 October 1984UndergroundIsland
NetajiBlue Line22 August 2009ElevatedSide
Masterda Surya SenBlue Line22 August 2009ElevatedSide
MaidanBlue Line24 October 1984UndergroundIsland
Mahatma Gandhi RoadBlue Line27 September 1995UndergroundIsland
Mahanayak Uttam KumarBlue Line29 April 1986At grade1 Island and 1 Side
Kavi NazrulBlue Line22 August 2009ElevatedSide
KarunamoyeeGreen Line13 February 2020ElevatedSide
KalighatBlue Line29 April 1986UndergroundIsland
JokaPurple Line30 December 2022ElevatedSide
Jatin Das ParkBlue Line29 April 1986UndergroundIsland
GitanjaliBlue Line22 August 2009ElevatedSide
Girish ParkBlue Line15 February 1995UndergroundIsland
EsplanadeBlue Line24 October 1984UndergroundIsland
Dum DumBlue Line12 November 1984ElevatedSide
DakshineswarBlue Line22 February 2021ElevatedSide
City CenterGreen Line13 February 2020ElevatedSide
Chandni ChowkBlue Line15 February 1995UndergroundIsland
Central ParkGreen Line13 February 2020ElevatedSide
CentralBlue Line15 February 1995UndergroundIsland
Bengal ChemicalGreen Line13 February 2020ElevatedSide
BelgachhiaBlue Line12 November 1984UndergroundIsland
Behala ChowrastaPurple Line30 December 2022ElevatedSide
Behala BazarPurple Line30 December 2022ElevatedSide
BaranagarBlue Line22 February 2021ElevatedSide


Q. How many lines does the Kolkata Metro System have?

Ans. Currently, the Kolkata Metro System has three operational lines, which are Blue Line, Green Line and Purple Line.

Q. What is the ticket fare for the Kolkata Metro System?

Ans. The ticket fare depends on the distance traveled. The minimum fare for a single journey is Rs. 5, and the maximum fare is Rs. 30. 

Q. What are the operating hours of the Kolkata Metro System?

Ans. The operating hours of the Kolkata Metro System are from 6:45 am to 9:55 pm. 

Q. Which special facilities does Kolkata Metro System offer?

Ans. Kolkata Metro System offers various facilities for passengers, such as air-conditioned coaches, wheelchair accessibility, and free Wi-Fi. Also there are separate coaches for women and senior citizens.


  • A major advantage of the Kolkata Metro system is that it saves time. Passengers reach their destinations quickly since trains run at regular intervals.
  • Compared with other forms of transportation, the Kolkata Metro is cost-effective. Passengers can travel long distances at a reasonable fare.
  • The Kolkata Metro is air-conditioned making trains very comfortable. The seats are cushioned, and the large windows provide a great view of the city.
  • The Kolkata Metro system is safe and secure for passengers. The stations and trains are monitored by CCTV cameras, and the security personnel are always present to ensure the safety of passengers.


  • Overcrowding is one of the biggest disadvantages of Kolkata Metro. It is difficult to get into and out of trains during peak hours due to the crowds.
  • Kolkata Metro covers only a limited area of the city, and not all areas are serviced by it making it less useful for those who live or work in uncovered areas.
  • Many stations of Kolkata Metro system do not have lifts or ramps, making it difficult for wheelchair users and physically disabled persons.


It provides a fast and cost-effective mode of transportation for the people of Kolkata, but it also has some coverage and accessibility issues. Overall, the Kolkata Metro system is an important part of the city’s transportation network and continues to serve the needs of the people.